a unique process

We value Hawaiian culture for its unique worldview. We believe our process can lead to insights and innovations alongside Western models. This integrated cultural framework guides each and every project.


what is the leader project?

The leader project is a shared leadership organization. We believe that leaders are not limited to Western models alone. Local and global possibilities can also emerge from indigenous thought and practice. Our mission is to fill the world’s need for indigenous leadership.  

A leader project is one where everyone in the group leads.  We draw on indigenous sources of wisdom so the leadership of a place can emerge. Our role is to be one of many leaders of mission-driven projects and to sustain the effort through custom leadership development work.

These leaders are not alone. They are an integral part of their place. They give and receive generously as is the expectation of the culture. Their actions honor family and community. And like a net formed with the desire to feed many, they too lead as one for the good of the whole.

Some of our current projects-in-residence include the sharing responsibility for youth leadership, public education, transportation, and community health systems.


a learning community

We are also an emerging community learning from Hawaiʻi and beyond. Our thought is to form a net of place-based partners who serve as host sites that advance the learning and practice of indigenous leadership. Join our network!